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Finally, Free!TM Ezine
Reclaim Your Power Over Trichotillomania

Issue Number 1, 2010


In This Issue

  • A Personal Message from Abby Rohrer
  • What's New & What's Coming Up
  • Abby's TrichotillomaniaFree Healing Wisdom
  • Parent Corner
  • Quick Freedom Manifestor


A Personal Note from Abby Leora Rohrer

Inline ImageThis coming May, I will have been free of Trichotillomania for 16 years without medication, dietary changes, behavior therapy, hypnosis, supplements of any kind, or any outside intervention. After 27 long and painful years, I found the answers within myself. So can you!  
Did your hair pulling worsen 2009? Will you allow another year to slip by without finding the answers and relief you deserve? Instead of living with hair pulling, take appropriate action to free yourself now. Your efforts will be rewarded!
Here's my wish for you for you in 2010...
May you stand proud in the wind and the rain. Regardless of the weather, what others think, or what you think others think about you, stand proud and finally acknowledge the truth of who you are. Acknowledge your gifts, your strengths, your power, your generosity, your sensitive and compassionate heart...and release any lies you've told yourself about your lack of worth. It simply is not true.

May you end hair pulling in 2010. May you come to deeply know yourself and own your truth in 2010. May you finally see the Glory that is YOU!


What's New & Where to Start!

Inline ImageDuring those years with trich, I hid whenever anyone had a camera in their hand. Now I'm working past my old fear so I can bring you some short videos!  Check out PullFreeAtLast.com to see me my first video!      
New here?  If you are:

Serious about ending your hair pulling for good?    
If you're a hair pulling women, I've just expanded my online healing programs to give you TWO options to use my powerful, proven program for ending trichotillomania. Choose the perfect level for you at: www.pullfreeatlast.com/tfwu.html.
Super Serious about ending your hair pulling in the next three months?    
I offer a limited number of private telephone mentoring sessions each month only for adult hair pullers who are ready to take the necessary steps to get free asap! I also mentor parents to work on behalf of their hair pulling children to shift the family dynamic. If this describes you, set up your private mentoring slot today. Our number is 303.546.0788.


Abby's Healing Wisdom

Trichotillomania: The Inside-Outs of Compulsive Hair Pulling

I recently read this from a practitioner who treats trichotillomania sufferers,

"It is not necessary for you to find or know the cause of your hair pulling." 

Whoa! While this sounds good on the surface, there's a big problem with it. The biggest issue is that when hair pullers stop pulling without discovering and resolving the reasons why they began, they often go on to perfom even more self-harming behaviors.

Also, if you don't learn the cause of your pulling, how can you be sure that the problem is solved and you will never pull again? You'll always be powerless with your trichotillomania and with those whom you rely on to help you stop pulling. 

Feeling powerless nearly always leads to more hair pulling. This is why my goal is to empower you by continually providing you with the real inside scoop about trichotillomania. So let's get started!

It's crucial to understand that for many, trichotillomania, becomes a best friend. Over time, like many close relationships, it both comforts and wounds.  Too often, hair pullers, parents and professionals simply want to get rid of the problem without listening to what is being revealed by trichotillomania.
On average, for my students, compulsive hair pulling meets 50-75 important needs. Here is a very brief list of how trichotillomania meets just one of a hair puller's most important needs.  Unlike many other relationships in a puller's life, hair pulling:

  • provides 100% unconditional acceptance.

For those who've been pulling for months, hair pulling is a primary relationship, even possibly the primary relationship in the hair puller's life.

  • never abandons, always welcomes, never lets the hair puller down and keeps its 'promises'.

Unlike many of our parents, spouses and even in our self-relationship, when hair pulling promises to help you "zone out", provide an adrenaline high, or to just shove your uncomfortable feelings into the background, it follows through and delivers.

  • is the ONE place where many hair pullers feel they can be totally themselves. 

It has no uncomfortable or impossible expectations of the hair puller. It only asks for one more pull which feels good and is easy to do.

  • always pays attention to the hair puller.

Some hair pullers were 'lost' children in families with illness, neglect, problems or chaos. Stressed out parents don't always realize that in the midst of on-going family problems, both parents are in emotional turmoil and a child may feel she's lost both parents.

  • makes the intolerable, tolerable.

Many hair pullers are highly-sensitive types who feel trapped in unhappy situations with no way out.  We had to find a way survive without going crazy.  The important thing to note is that for highly-sensitive hair pullers, pulling makes life tolerable. Please don't minimize this!

  • allows the hair puller to feel included in some area of her life.

For the hair pulling child or teen who feels terribly left out of the loop either in the family or with peers, trich can soothe the inner pain and allow the puller to get through today so she can move on to tomorrow.    



Parent Corner

Inline Image What does it mean to be a 13 Year Old Hair Puller?  This may be the unconscious script in your teen's head:
I am suddenly living a lie. I have a shameful secret that pollutes my relationships because I'm in hiding from everyone.  
I can't go swimming with my friends anymore or out on a windy day without worrying every minute...that I'll be found out.  I've become an addict but no one understands, not even me...because that's not supposed to happen to any thirteen year old unless they're drinking or taking drugs, right?  How can pulling my hair have turned into THIS?  This pleasure, this horror. I'm so ashamed...no one can understand how it makes me feel. My guilty secret. I love it and it's hurting me. I can't even tell myself the truth about it.  If anyone notices or asks about it, I will die!
Parent Tip: Now that you understand the constant chatter in your child's mind, hug her more and say less about her pulling. If you find you must say something, begin by candidly sharing your own struggle with a bad habit or addiction.  


Quick Freedom Manifestor

Inline Image "Be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart.  Learn to love the questions themselves."  Rainer Maria Rilke
Take yourself on a literal healing journey this week. Take a 10-15 minute solitary walk in nature.  As you walk, frequently reach up and gently stroke the areas that you pull from. As you do, tell yourself, "I don't need to pull you out anymore. I love you and I love myself. I'm not going to hurt us anymore."   


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I chose this photo because during the years that I pulled, I never immersed myself fully in the water or allowed someone to take my photo with wet hair.  For me, this picture fully represents the level of freedom and happiness that's waiting for you on the other side! Header design by Plush Media.


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