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Reclaim Your Power Over Trichotillomania and Anxiety

Issue Number 4, 2012


A Personal Letter from Abby Leora Rohrer


July 26, 2012,

Many times I've been asked why, after healing myself of trich over 18 years ago, I chose to help other hair pullers.  This answer is vitally important to all that I want to share with you today.

Why I do this work:

I was raised to suppress my authenticity and adapt to what others wanted. I learned to "go along and not make waves" in order to survive. I began hair pulling at the age of 11 and found myself in my late thirties in tremendous misery, escalating hair pulling and constant anxiety.
I finally began to thrive when I found the way to increase my spiritual wholeness. Believe it or not, hair pulling provided the doorway for me, not just to stop pulling but to begin to find and reclaim my true self.

In the process, I found my passion, "My Why":

"To help others to become spiritually whole so they too can thrive
and together we can heal the world."

and came to these beliefs:

  • I believe in authentic healing that lasts a lifetime and goes far beyond a chemical or one day at a time fix.
  • I believe that trichotillomania and other compulsive behaviors are illnesses of the Soul.
  • I believe you are a multidimensional being who is more than just a body with diagnosable, "treatable" symptoms.
  • I believe that true emotional healing and spiritual healing are one and the same. One cannot be achieved without the other.
  • I believe that deep emotional-spiritual healing is available to you, if you are truly open to it
  • I believe that compulsive behaviors such as trichotillomania are the result of hidden patterns of emotional wounding from early childhood, which is passed generationally.
  • I believe that because of the deep emotional pain from the subtle childhood wounding, you eventually turned to a specific compulsive behavior for solace from the pain of your lost connection to your Soul. We call this pain, "anxiety".
  • I believe that the nature of the wound determines which compulsive behavior is employed.
  • I believe that, for hair pulling sufferers who fit my model, physical urges predictably follow specific emotional triggers.
  • I believe that compulsive behaviors can be viewed as terrible curses OR as a trail of breadcrumbs to begin to reclaim the Soul. This is a choice that each individual or family must make.
  • I believe that spiritual healing is your birthright, but you CAN resist it. The more resistance you bring to the process, the more healing will elude you.
  • I believe that in order to receive healing, you must open your mind and take action. Healing will not just drop in your lap.
  • I believe that humanity must begin to recognize these patterns and their toll to current and future generations. Through deep emotional-spiritual healing, you can put down your emotional weapons. This will end the passing of these painful legacies to future generations and offer hope for authentic and lasting peace in humanity.

How I help others to become more spiritually whole:

As mentioned, my experience began in 1994 through the process of healing my own hair pulling and beginning to reclaim my spiritual wholeness. A spiritual revelation in 2009 showed me how to heal emotional issues for others. This came after 15 years of freedom from trichotillomania, continuing healing work to reclaim my wholeness, and numerous hours of work with mentoring clients.

I have found that compulsion sufferers often have adapted, suppressed and lost "selves". Until these are reclaimed and integrated back into your unconscious, you will never feel whole. My spiritual healings allow me to find and heal these lost selves for my clients.

I am able to detect the core of each emotionally painful layer and facilitate healing through energetic prayer. The healings instantly (literally) melt away and bring to peace layers of anxiety, panic, post-traumatic stress, and emotional and relationship pain. For those who suffer from trichotillomania, I often use healings to dissolve layers of anxiety beneath hair pulling urges, leading sufferers to increased freedom and diminished pulling.

I love to help my clients to escape the old boxes they have put themselves in (compulsive behaviors, patterns of panic, anxiety, etc.) I love to create greater levels of ease and freedom for them by releasing layers of pain from the past with amazing speed and ease. I provide lessons that connect and motivate them to grow their Souls and release their painful problems.

I love to blaze the trail, creatively remaining on the cutting edge of healing and spiritual engagement.

What Next:

I have now performed over 16,000 healings for men and women worldwide and have found that they are as effective over the telephone and Skype as they are in person. Helping my audience to heal and thrive is my complete focus and I have shifted all of my efforts to support this. I am only looking for those who are prepared to make the same commitment to themselves.

Are you:

  • Tired of suffering from chronic anxiety, panic, post-traumatic stress, trichotillomania or other compulsions?
  • Gutsy, spiritually-open, hell-bent on healing, and desiring a cutting edge, proven healing process?

If my beliefs resonate with you and you want to find out more about working with me in any way, please email me at abby@pullfreeatlast.com and we'll discuss the best way to proceed based on your needs.

If you're not in sync with me, no problem. I respect your right to your beliefs and request the same. Please feel free to opt-out of future mailings by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the very bottom of this email.


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