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About Abby Leora Rohrer

Abby Rohrer is the Trichotillomania Expert at

Self Growth Expert Abby Rohrer

Hair Pullers 14 years & up:
Begin Here to Learn How to Stop Hair Pulling

Abby offers real help for teens and adult hair pullers in a variety of ways: through her books and in-depth healing programs, special reports, articles listed on this page, in-person courses and private telephone mentoring sessions.

"This book is straight-forward, "plain talk"
from one trich to another."

"Abby pins down truth after truth about hair pullers. She doesn't rush anyone into any steps they are not ready for, but a hair puller's mind cannot help but ponder many of her truth-ringing points and start mulling them over right away."

C.F., Tennessee

With every chapter I was struck with
'That is exactly how I feel.'"

"Our backgrounds were very different but our feelings and the way that we handled our emotions were exactly the same. We need you out there to finally shed some light on trichotillomania! Thanks so much for helping me!"
Donna Sherman, New York


If you're a hair pulling adult who is just getting started in learning about trichotillomania or have been living with it for many years, What's Wrong With Pulling My Hair Out? is your first step toward resolving your hair pulling for good and the very best place to begin with Abby Rohrer's materials. Hundreds have already ended their hair pulling by working with this book.


What's Wrong With Pulling My Hair Out?

What's Wrong With Pulling My Hair Out?   166 pages of inside-knowledge about why people pull and how to stop.

Buy Ebook Now$39.99 Download - Start Reading Today!

Click here to find out more!

Instantly Downloadable Reports:

How Healing Really Works (Instant Download)

33 pages of first-hand truth about achieving freedom from long-term compulsive hair pulling. 
Just $7  Buy How Healing Really Works Now

Report: How Healing Really Works

Taking Charge of Your Experience in Counseling (Instant Download)
Most people waste precious time and money in unproductive counseling for 2 simple reasons.  These 19 pages will tell you exactly how to stop wasting your resources and get down to the business of resolution!
Just $7  Buy Taking Charge of Your Experience in Counseling Now

Report: Taking Charge of Your Counseling Experience

Our Original, Time-tested and Proven
Pull Free, At Last!
Complete At-Home Healing System for Adults
(Best choice for male hair pullers and women who prefer an at-home system.) 

My Pull-Free, At Last System! uses an advanced  healing model that goes directly to the root cause and destroys the hair pulling addiction.

Other methods try to stop your hair pulling urge without extinguishing its fuel source which makes ending your trichotillomania totally impossible!

Stop your endless search of therapies, special diets, behavior modification, charting of hairs pulled, hypnosis, counseling, or medication with its serious side-effects (unless of course you need it for another reason)! All of these detours direct you away from where your real answers lie.

Use my Pull-Free, At Last! roadmap and free yourself from your hair pulling nightmare once and for all!

Pull-Free, At Last! System Components
Pull Free, At Last!
At Home Personal Toolkit
Why Won't My Child Stop Hair Pulling? - Book
DOWNLOADABLE 160 Page Toolkit

This Step-by-Step Lesson Toolkit contains the exact same steps that I used one time to heal myself from 27 years of compulsive hair pulling.  I have now experienced over 24 years of  freedom with ease from hair pulling.

160 pages contains in-depth lessons and commentary. 

Only $97.00
Buy Downloadable Pull Free at Last Toolkit Now

Comes with a 30-day guarantee
Pull Free, At Last!
Apprentice Class Audio CD's
PFAL Apprentice Class Audio CD's
18 Audio CD Set

Listen in to the powerful audio classes of each of the original Self-Healing Apprentice calls.

Hear as Abby teaches real students exactly how to heal their hair pulling and get free for good.  

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