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"Abby Rohrer's program works.  I highly recommend it, not only to every hair puller who wants to heal, but to every health care professional who wants to offer the best possible guidance to his/her clients."

Katka Novakova, MD, ND

Now There are THREE Levels of Online Healing Programs
for You to Choose From!

Exactly what would it mean to you to have:
What would it mean to you to no longer be alone with the pain and the shame?  To have someone to direct and focus you on freedom, teach you to heal, motivate you to help yourself and show you exactly how to get there? 

Now you can have all of this and more.  I've made it so affordable that all you need to do is choose the perfect level of education and support for you!

Pull-Free, At Last!-Bronze
Men & Women
Women Only
Women Only
Pull-Free, At Last! 
Lesson Modules
Twice Weekly
Support Emails &
Quick Healing Tips
Online Healing Lesson Discussion Forum
with history
with history
Audio Vault Access1
Extended Vault2
Condensed What’s Wrong…? Book Audio
Women’s Advanced Support Community
How Healing Really
Special Report
Extra Modules & Advanced Tools
3 Live Group Calls
approx 5 hrs/month3
Live Calls &
Men & Women
Women Only
Women Only
First Month
Just $5.00!
Order Now!
First Month
Just $45!
Order Now!
First Month
Just $70!
Order Now!

All memberships are monthly subscriptions billed automatically every 30 days. Any membership can be cancelled at the end of any 30 day period. No refunds for partial months. For additional assistance or more information about our program, please contact us at: www.pullfreeatlast.com or call 303/546-0788.

1The Pull-Free, At Last! Audio Vault contains more than 120 hours of audio recordings on healing! Listening to 1-2 each month will add tremendous power to your process! Add “The Vault” to your subscription now!
2The Extended Audio Vault contains 72 more hours of class recordings & counting!
3For Women Only! If you are a woman age 18 or older, you may upgrade to the powerful and profound TrichotillomaniaFree Women’s University online program.
There are two options:
TFWU Silver: Complete University membership without Live Group Call access.
TFWU Gold: Complete University membership with Live Group Call access – 3-two hour calls per month (approx. 5 hours of extra support)—join the discussion and ask your questions about healing!

TrichotillomaniaFree™ Women's University
Online Curriculum & Healing Community for Women Only
Come and join us today!


"Hair pulling will never make me ashamed again, because I am now Pull Free!"

"[Abby Rohrer's] program is unlike anything I've ever seen or read or tried anywhere before. It has expanded my understanding of myself and has deepened my experience of life so much that, I know things will never be the same for me." Click here to read the rest of Amy's letter.

"When I joined Abby's program I felt sure that this was my last chance otherwise I would live a life of bandanas and wigs."

"I was a little slow to fully allow myself to commit to healing, but once I did my healing took on a life of it's own." Read about Jayme's choice to stop hair pulling.

"Abby’s healing program led me to release myself from hair pulling forever."

Kaitlyn: a recent graduate of TrichotillomaniaFree 2008 Mentoring Program"I can barely remember the person I was before beginning this incredible journey." Read how Kaitlyn let an entire year and a half go by before coming back to Abby for exactly the right type of help she needed to end her trichotillomania.


"I cannot thank Abby enough for her commitment to me and for creating and sharing this program with me and others like me because from someone who has tried everything to beat this addiction, Abby’s program works."

"Abby has given me so much more than simply the patch of hair on my head that is growing back; she has given me the control back in my life and handed me the key to true happiness . . ." Read how the quality of Alice's life has improved since Abby helped end her hair pulling.

Learn all about TrichotillomaniaFree™ Women's University Now!

Are you a hair pulling woman who has tried nearly everything to stop? Are you ready to end your pulling for good? You've come to the right place!

Abby has helped women worldwide get free of trichotillomania who had exhausted  all possible avenues prior to finding her method. Read the list of more than 60 unsuccessful ways to stop hair pulling her students had already tried before finding Abby's hair pulling solution and freeing themselves from the ravages of trichotillomania.

TrichotillomaniaFree™ Women's University: Online Curriculum & Support Community for Women Only! Come and join us today!

Abby Rohrer has literally "cracked the hair pulling code"! Just imagine...a complete "university" program and online "campus" providing you with everything you need to truly heal.  The crucial information and support you need to attain freedom are all right here.  Many women, just like you, have already released themselves from hair pulling for good using this program.  Join Abby's amazing curriculum and support community and learn to achieve freedom from trichotillomania forever!  This is not a support community for living with trich forevermore--it is completely geared toward ending it for good! Click here to learn more TFWU and become a student today!


Pull-Free, At Last! System Components
Pull Free, At Last!
At Home Personal Toolkit
Why Won't My Child Stop Hair Pulling? - Book
160 Page Toolkit

This Step-by-Step Lesson Toolkit contains the exact same steps that I used one time to heal myself from 27 years of compulsive hair pulling.  I have now experienced over 14 years of  freedom with ease from hair pulling.

Pull Free, At Last!
Apprentice Class Audio CD's
PFAL Apprentice Class Audio CD's
18 Audio CD Set

Listen in to the powerful audio classes of each of the original Self-Healing Apprentice calls.

Hear as Abby teaches real students exactly how to heal their hair pulling and get free for good.  

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Abby Rohrer is the Trichotillomania Expert at

Self Growth Expert Abby Rohrer



"I released my hair pulling during the June, 2008 Live Weekend in Colorado!"

"I am a completely different person in so many ways now. I stand up straight. I can look people in the eyes for the first time since I can remember. I feel like my shoulders are lighter. I even can look my dad in the eye now. I’m so excited about my new life!" A. Z., NY

"Your program is AMAZING and is spot on!"

"I’m a therapist who purchased your pull free program to work through with a teenager (now 18).  She is really discovering who she is, and is learning to identify and express her own thoughts, feelings and opinions.  It’s really marvelous to watch her ‘come in to her own.’" 

"Thank you so much for creating your program.  I can’t even begin to imagine how many people you have already helped!!"

N.D., Washington

“I just wanted to let you know what an amazing and transformational experience this weekend was for me! THANK YOU!"

"I am so grateful I got the chance to be here and to meet you and everyone else. You truly are incredible! Thank you for being who you are and for all that you do! “ Love, Katie, AZ

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

"Since the live weekend I have felt a sense of power and freedom that I don't remember having felt since I was a kid. I feel more relaxed, and might even be released from my addiction. If not fully free, I know that I am very close.”

B.B., Kentucky

"I have not pulled one single hair since receiving this program!"

"This program has been a godsend. I have struggled for over 33 years. I have not pulled one single hair since receiving this program.  My hair is growing in very well. I have realized/recognized many things in progressing through the lessons, things I never would have believed.

I truly believe I am cured.

I never thought I would say that. I have never had a lot of belief in or faith in psychological answers to things - I am not a "search and analyze things" person. But these lessons have been a tremendous eye opener and I never would have thought I would admit something like that.

So yes, I am doing well. I am so glad I looked up the word "trichotillomania" and landed at your website. It has been a true blessing, a blessing I have prayed for for years."

Thank you.