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What Our Students Are Saying



"Abby’s teaching has been the most profound experience of my life. It was truly the catalyst to finding my freedom from the hair pulling prison I had remained in for over 30 years!"

--Patty, Connecticut

"Abby helped me get to the core of my hair pulling!"

"These are the results I've gotten from working with Abby Rohrer:

"1) I pulled for more than 20 years and never knew why.  Abby helped me to find the core of my hair pulling and heal it. I learned the reasons it started and actually remembered the exact time, place, age and what was going on in my life at the time it began.
2) My nearly-debilitating panic attacks are virtually gone.
3) My boss changed his negative attitude toward me immediately after Abby helped me to uncover and acknowledge some feelings I had toward him.
4) At the same time I resolved my feelings about my boss, the disagreements my husband and I had been having about money drastically changed for the better.
5) I was having excrutiating back pain that wouldn't go away even following medical treatment and physical therapy. Abby helped me uncover the core of this problem which stemmed from years of unresolved feelings.  My back pain is now completely gone!"

--Liz Fisher from Ohio 

"Working with Abby Rohrer allowed me to finally release my hair pulling and fully own my power for good!"

"Abby is a gifted and intuitive teacher and guide with an amazing ability to zero in on exactly what a person needs to do in order to heal him or herself. She is the real deal!"

--Kathryn, Idaho

"You have uncovered the reason why I pull
that I have been searching for for over 20 years!!"

"Thank you so much for your kind emails and amazing book.  My eyelashes are growing in and are the longest and thickest they've ever been. My personal life is getting better as well! Thanks again for your work in this area. I have never been happier!" 

--Kristen V.

"This Live Event went beyond my wildest expectations.  We saw each other transform from one day to the next, and it was such an amazing feeling!  Sometimes the truth is right there in front of us and the words that we have heard and/or read over and over again all of a sudden make sense and it all clicks.  That is the magic of Abby's mentoring!  Thank you so much, Abby! "

--Mariana, Arizona

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"This Live Event and Abby's mentoring have guided me to find my own true voice. I had totally lost it, and was in constant emotional turmoil.  I had no idea how I would or could ever heal my hair pulling.  Abby's program showed me where my power is, how to find it, claim it.  How to reach inside to release the painful feelings that led me to years of hair pulling.  She gently encouraged me and knew exactly what I needed and what to work on.  Thank you, Abby!"

--Kathy, Missouri


"Abby is an incredible woman, mentor, teacher and guide!  This Live Event was so incredible --Abby's guidance was, as always, so spot on -- leading us deeper and deeper, helping us release any unresolved issues that cause us to pull, so we can be FREE and in our power!!  Thank you!   Thank you!  Thank you!"

--Katie, Arizona

"Abby's Mentoring Brought out my life force so I could heal my hair pulling.  This healing method keeps me in my power and my own truths!"

--Allison, Maryland

"Abby provides incredible intuition and guidance in helping me help myself.  She is a guide, a teacher and a sister.  The Live Event gave me and the group an opportunity to build a powerful memntum so that that sum was much more than the parts.  We did (healed) it on our own-together!"

--Laura, MIchigan

"When I joined Abby Leora Rohrer's program I felt sure that this was my last chance otherwise I would live a life of bandanas and wigs."

"I was a little slow to fully allow myself to commit to healing, but once I did my healing took on a life of its own. Using the tools and guidance that Abby and my fellow students in the program provided I felt a million deeply hidden emotions and quickly found my path to healing and then freedom.

"Now, six months pull free, the once foreign concept of having a choice whether to pull or not is now a complete reality. I continue to make the decision every day to remain pull free and that is completely due to Abby's dedication and proven process.

"Thank you for guiding me towards freedom from this addiction."
-- Jayme

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"Abby Rohrer’s healing program led me to release myself from hair pulling forever."

I can barely remember the person I was before beginning this incredible journey. I cannot express how grateful I am to Abby’s guidance and dedication to helping each of us learn how to heal ourselves.

Without hair pulling dominating my thoughts and my time, I have much more energy to put towards the people and things that I care about. I have already noticed a heightened awareness within my close relationships. I have become more in tune with my emotions and reactions as I can recognize them when they arise and use the tools learned through the University to face them.

I remember finding Abby’s website about a year and a half ago and reading the testimonies of others who not only struggled with hair pulling, but who have beaten it!! I could relate to so much of what was mentioned: the sensations, the urges, the techniques for pulling, and of course, the inability to stop. But at that time I continued to search for a solution outside myself.

Fortunately, a few months ago something led me back to Abby’s website. This time I decided to take the chance and enroll for her 2008 mentoring class. It has proven to be the best decision I have ever made for myself. Unlike any outside solution to healing, Abby’s program works!! Best of all, Abby gets it because she’s been there. On our private calls I was amazed at how quickly big pieces of the picture became clearer. Abby asked specific questions that led me closer to the core of my hair pulling and pointed out patterns and correlations that later proved to true and propelled me towards healing. I looked forward to our weekly group calls, each week excited about what we would learn next, about what I would discover about myself. It is so incredible to be connected with women all over the world working towards the common goal of healing ourselves.

I have benefited from Abby's unique healing program in innumerable ways. My eyebrows and eyelashes have grown back in. I have learned to love myself and to respect myself, and that has made me a much happier person. I have also learned how to reach natural forgiveness and natural compassion. Wow, writing this is making me feel so proud of myself!! This is huge!!

The greatest gift I gained from this program was not the freedom from hair pulling as I expected it would be. The greatest gift was discovering a firm place of clarity and peace within myself, a place of assurance and trust that somehow I am right where I am supposed to be. Addiction cannot beat me. I feel like I am finally in charge of my own life! Instead of waking up each day swearing to stop pulling out my hair, instead of living with the shame and confusion, I finally feel like my future is mine.

I did it! To me there is no better feeling in the world than being able to say that. I firmly believe anyone struggling with hair pulling can heal. So if you are on the fence like I was, trust me, you owe it to yourself to be free. You owe it to yourself to discover your own life beyond hair pulling. And Abby can help you do that.

I am just so happy and I feel so good about myself!! Thank you!! I just want as many people as possible to understand the potential within this Pull-Free, At Last! program!! Feel free to use anything I've ever said if it will motivate anyone else to join and heal.

Abby, I am so grateful to you for all your hard work and dedication in helping me heal and for creating such a phenomenal program!! You have truly changed my life and no amount of words could ever express how great that makes me feel!! Thank you so much!!

Kaitlyn, Michigan


"Abby Leora Rohrer's program works."

Abby and I began our weekly telephone sessions and I was excited and amazed at how quickly we began to get to the ‘core’ of each lesson. Week after week we uncovered hurt after hurt, let-down after let-down until finally after about ten weeks of lessons, homework, journaling and a lot of personal growth, I released myself from hair pulling forever.

Since my release, life in all its entirety has changed for me in ways I could not even begin to think were imaginable. I no longer have that ‘urge’ or ‘panic’ that would transpire into a frantic hair-pulling session day after day to get me through the hurdles in life and all the daily triggers that used to set me off feel as though they have simply vanished from my body leaving me feeling completely “free”.

I am a lot more focused, efficient and productive in my work as I simply now just ‘get on and do it’ instead of just wasting time worrying and panicking about it and find I have much more quality time with my husband, friends and family (as well as the fact I have hours of extra time in my week that I am no longer pulling my hair!)

I am less argumentative, defensive and insecure and instead feel calm and confident in everything I do, say and feel. Things that used to bother me before simply don’t bother me as much and I am now able to discuss “issues” that I couldn’t before with a level of maturity and understanding I had always wished for. I feel in control of my emotions and my actions and am able to handle my insecurities in a much more mature way and - according to my husband - am simply a much nicer, happier and more pleasant person to be around!

For the first time ever I feel really “present” in my life and finally; I am happy – truly, truly happy at my achievement in beating this thing and happy with who I am, who I will become and for how my life is right now.

At age 31, I really feel that my life has now just begun and I am so incredibly excited and optimistic about what the future holds. I feel like I have stepped into the “adult” I have always wanted to be and I am wholeheartedly enjoying everything life has to offer.

I can not thank Abby enough for her commitment to me and for her selflessness in creating and sharing this program with myself and others like me because from someone who has tried everything to beat this addiction, Abby’s program works.

Abby has given me so much more than simply the patch of hair on my head that is slowly starting to grow back; she has given me the control back in my life and handed me the key to true happiness and for that I am, and always will be, eternally grateful.


Sydney, Australia

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"I'm writing to express my deepest, sincerest gratitude for your University program and, perhaps even more importantly, for your dedication to helping people permanently heal their trichotillomania."

In my own experience, I desperately needed both: a method for comprehending and healing the emotional issues that led me to pull, AND someone to believe and to insist that I could become completely whole and free.

I began pulling when I was in Junior High school, 12 or 13 years old. Now I am 29. For close to 17 years I've lived a life of isolation and shame and utter confusion about why I felt so different. The adolescent and teen years were a horrible period for me. Rather than enjoying all the excitement and drama of "growing up", I felt like a freak and a failure. Later, though, I learned to use a facade or a persona to cover up my unrelenting loneliness. I was still pulling, and still wracked with guilt and shame, but I made a good show of it. Inside, I felt abandoned and mistreated in relationships; outside, I made concessions and acted out co-dependent behavior, terrified of being exposed and of being rejected.

About four years ago, I found the 123TrichotillomaniaFree website and was intrigued by the testimonials. I hadn't done much research. The only "official" information I had was a comment by a psychiatrist my parents took me to in high school who said, "Hairpulling is usually caused by the relationship with the mother." We never went back to that doctor. In fact, throughout my difficult adolescence, I was left to deal with Trichotillomania on my own, without benefit of support or interest from my family in discovering its source. But your website said that the Women's University program wasn't just about diagnosing or treating hairpulling - it was about really finding out the "root" cause! AND, your program promised that I could heal MYSELF! I was fascinated. I ordered one of your books and was even more intrigued...but I did not follow through. At that time in my life, it was just too easy to slip back into my decade-old patterns, rather than allow something new to take hold.

But by Christmas of last year, my life was starting to fray. I had a young marriage, a new baby, and was well in to my first year of law school. The stress in my relationships was becoming too much to manage and I was pulling almost constantly. I decided to visit your site again. And then in January, the greatest unexpected blessing came in the form of an email from you, Abby! When you invited me to join the charter Women's University online group mentoring class, I knew the time had come. Something in my heart said to me, "It may not be now or never, Amy, but for God's's NOW!" Signing up and committing myself was the single most significant thing I've done for myself in almost 30 years of living!

Your program is unlike anything I've ever seen or read or tried anywhere before. It has expanded my understanding of myself and has deepened my experience of life so much that, even if I hadn't been healed from hairpulling, I know things would never be the same for me. I now have a seat, a comfortable place of belonging and of authority in my own life. I now have a deeper appreciation for the roles of giver AND taker that I play in my relationships and where those roles come from. I now believe that I am capable of LIVING through every emotional challenge. I now am confident that I will not emotionally cripple my own daughter by passing along to her the insecurities that kept me from being and doing all that I could. Hairpulling will never make me ashamed again, because I am now Pull Free!

Life is full of exciting, challenging, testing days and seasons. Before I became Pull Free, I believed that I would have to miss out on many of them and I had resigned myself to a life behind a veil. Now, thanks to you Abby, and to your patience, your vision, your measured guidance, I no longer feel like a sub-par human being. Far from being a freak or a failure, you've helped me to see that I am capable of things I once thought were out of reach. Thank you so much. I can't say enough about you or about your work, so I'll just say this: WOO-HOO!!



Georgia, U.S.A.


"Thanks Abby for cracking the code on this. The world needs to hear about what you're doing for people."

"I'd been a hairpuller for almost 25 years and for most of that time didn't even know there was a name for it. Eventually I discovered information online and saw that it is generally considered an unsolvable problem. But then I discovered Abby Rohrer, and through her courses and phone consultations came to what I believe is an accurate understanding that Trich is a symptom of unprocessed emotions and memories.

I started chipping away and one year later I'm 90-95% healed; there is little more than a remnant of hairpulling left. I also feel I have a clear path to achieving 100% and I also have a much greater understanding of how the inner emotional world works - not only for me, but for others - whose problems may be quite different but which often have similar "roots." Solving the hairpulling problem solves other problems too: for me, less anger, more control of my reactions to things, greater awareness of my own intuition and of things that other people are communicating."

Perry Marshall, Illinois

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"I have never been happier!"

"Thank you so much for your kind emails and amazing book. You have uncovered the reason why I pull that I have been searching for for over 20 years!! My eyelashes are growing in and are the longest and thickest they've ever been. My personal life is getting better as well! Thanks again for your work in this area. I have never been happier!" 

--Kristen V.

"Thank u for all of your support!!!"

"THANK U!!! u have gave me strenght to stop. Now all of my eyelashes have grown back & now all of my eyebrows too! Thank u for all of your support!!! I really aprisheate it!!!"


"Thank you very much for your site, it has proved very valuable to one little girl in Australia."

"Hi Abby,

I contacted you about 8 mths ago, when I started working at a child care centre and one of the little girls who was pulling her hair out attached herself to me. I past on some of the information I gathered from you to her and her father. I spent time with her and talked about ways she could deal with stress other than pulling her hair out. I wanted to let you know, that little girl has a full head of hair and no longer wears a hat to cover her bald spot. She is also not so depentant on me as aposed to when I first started. As her recover was a slow process and she gradually stopped and her hair gradually grew back, I hadn't really noticed as we are a very full after school care centre. Once I got your email I made a full check and was amased.

So thank you very much for your site, it has proved very valuable to one little girl in Australia."

"Your advice helped."

"My 11 year old has stopped pulling out his hair. Your advice helped. He is a much happier kid now. thank you for your support and emails! It was helpful."


"I have not pulled one single hair since receiving this program!"

"This program has been a godsend. I have struggled for over 33 years. I have not pulled one single hair since receiving this program on my computer. I still am finishing lesson 10. My hair is growing in very well. I have realized/recognized many things in progressing through the lessons, things I never would have believed.

I truly believe I am cured.

I never thought I would say that. I have never had a lot of belief in or faith in psychological answers to things - I am not a "search and analyze things" person. But these lessons have been a tremendous eye opener and I never would have thought I would admit something like that.

So yes, I am doing well. I am so glad I looked up the word "trichotillomania" and landed at your website. It has been a true blessing, a blessing for which I have prayed many years."

Thank you.


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 "You will never know how much you have impacted my life."

"I have wanted to sit down and write to you for the past month now but everytime I think about doing so, my emotions get the best of me and I fear that I could never express in words to you how much of a true Godsend you are.  I read your parent guide in two days.  As a matter of fact, it was hard for me to pull myself away from it at times.  I truly want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for helping me open my eyes about myself and my relationship with my daughter.
"My daughter is seven years old.  I noticed her start pulling her eyelashes out about 8 months ago (she was six at the time).  At first, I thought it was just a phase.  Our family had been through several recent moves, starting when she was five, due to my husband's job.  It was a very stressful time for all of us.  We were still not settled into a home at the time I first noticed the pulling.  And, adding to the stress, we were preparing to move again.  This time back to where we started, close to family.  I never realized what we were putting our children through and it is painful to think of how they must have felt.  They were young and we thought they would just adjust.
"After reading your parent guide, I was also able to take a good look at myself....not so fondly, I might add.  I was taking out my stress on my children, especially my daughter.  I was verbally abusive to her on so many occasions.  It makes me sick, Abby.  I would rather die than hurt her.  I didn't realize what I was doing to her because I was so wrapped up in how I was feeling and not even thinking about how everything was affecting her.
"Reading your guide also forced me to look inside myself to see why I was so angry.  Yes, the constant moving was stressful, but for some reason I was a very angry person.  I then thought in detail about my childhood.  It was not a good one.  I experienced verbal and emotional abuse as a child . . . This story could go on and on but this gives you some idea of why I have anger issues.
"I have changed.  My daughter is starting to trust me with her feelings and her thoughts.  We are so much closer because of you.  I feel blessed to have her in my life everyday.
"There is so much I want to say to you.  So many questions I want to ask you.  You have an amazing story and I thank you for sharing it with parents like me who are searching and searching for answers. 
"My daughter's pulling has decreased.  She seems happier.  I know that we still have a long road ahead of us.  I pray everyday for strength to get her through this.  There are setbacks at times.  It hurts me.  Then I tell myself that it's not about me, it's about her.  The most important thing is that we are on the right track.  Like life, it's a journey.
"Again, Abby, there are no words that express how grateful I am that I stumbled onto your website.  I was so lost at the time.  I am grateful for you and your journey.  You will never know how much you have impacted my life.  Thank you so much.  May God bless you and your family."
--R. H.

"I have successfully completed the program using the book you offer."

"I started in July '07 and never pulled a hair since. It  took until about Feb/Mar of this year for me to be able to get a real haircut and wear my hair free of pins or barrettes.

"I now am riding motorcycles with friends, swimming, walking on windy days, going the the hair salon....all kinds of things.

"This program has truly given me a new freedom, a whole new way of living. Sounds dramatic, but it is true. I suffered with hair pulling off and on from the time I was 11.

"One day I saw a blurb in Readers Digest where someone questioned if hair pulling was normal, and the Digest gave it a name...that "trich" word. I looked online and found your program.

"Thank you so much. It was without doubt the best money I have ever spent.
Since I am "fully recovered", you can remove me from your email list.

"Again, thank you. I hope your program continues to help others in their struggle."

--J. F.
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“My hair pulling tapered off three days after following your program!"

"So many things in your program rang true. What you said sealed my understanding about what was the base cause of my trich.

"How can I ever thank you?"

--Linda, New York, NY


"I'm now 58 days pull-free!"

"Your program had much influence on my life. I feel much better and I'm much more attentive to my needs and to stress creating situations. It has also helped me to take control in other areas of my life.

"Thank you so much, Abby! "

--Name Withheld by Request, Illinois


“My pulling immediately stopped.”

"I was actually pulling while browsing, until I read the first few pages of your site. My hair pulling immediately stopped, then I read lesson 1 of the free mini course, and bought your book straight away.

"I read it in one day, I couldn't put it down. I've never in my life read a book that amazing. The urges and everything had gone. I can't believe just reading something and it sinking into your mind and brain could instantly free you.

"Thanks -- absolutely brilliant reading and not just for hairpullers!"

--Steve B. from the UK

"I haven't pulled in I'm not sure how long . . ."

"Thank you so much for following up on me with encouragement! I have good news for you. I am getting to the thoughts and beliefs behind the behavior. Urges come and go but I decided that I wasn't going to use pulling as my way to cope anymore. It'd sure be easy to replace it with another disgusting habit, so I'm guarding against that, too.

"I'm expressing my feelings more and my marriage is better.

"Thanks again!"

--Ruth W, Michigan


"Your program has led me to where I am today--absolutely certain
that I will never pull again."

“It has been an amazing process.  Although I have accomplished many goals in my life, beating trich seemed unattainable and out of my control.

Then I read your material. I felt an instant connection to your words. Your program was (and will forever be) the best gift ever received. Every single word was significant.

Thank you for showing me the way to peace.”

--Jenn B., California


“I have not pulled a single, hair in 2 months!”

"This is huge because I was to the point where I was pulling every single day for at least an hour, probably two.

I'm filled with gratitude, shock and an odd feeling of peace about it. I feel like I've been exposed to whole new worlds, and the opportunities go way beyond just stopping my hair pulling. I never even thought that stopping was possible! Yipeee!

--Name Withheld, Illinois

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“I have quit pulling!”

"I have pulled all of my life, ever since I can remember, but since reading your materials, I have quit. I pulled one hair unconsciously, realized what I did, then threw the hair away!

"I just wanted to let you know that you really struck a chord with me. I am so very grateful."

--Name Withheld, Colorado


“I am now pull-free for 3 weeks and counting,
ever since I used your techniques!”

"Your story was so heartfelt and honest that it was like a mirror image of myself and my thoughts. Your descriptions of trich were so real and truthful I knew you knew what I was going through. It really make me believe that I could end it!"

--R.M., Kansas


"I have not pulled out any hair since the week of that first lesson."

"I have done a lot of self-growth work so I know when I am just going through the motions and when something really sinks in on an emotional and physical level.

Since starting the lessons in your book, I do not see my gray hair as ugly for the first time."

--Name Withheld by Request, California

“I would not have stopped pulling if I had not read your book"

”I'm not sure which bit of it sank in and made me realize why I was hair pulling. Within a week I had stopped and that was over six months ago.

"I'm going to find a hair dresser and get my hair cut for the first time in years.

"I would not have stopped pulling if I had not read your book. I really had tried to stop but never realized I had to go deeper, it was not just a habit. I just had to understand "why."

"I know we don't know each other, but I really do want to acknowledge what you have done for me. You have given me my life back. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Aine, Dublin, Ireland


“It's been nearly 6 months since I've pulled!”

"Not since I ordered your book! I know I'm completely finished pulling. Thank you!"

--J.M.J., Maryland


"I hope that others will be as empowered as I am."

“For 27 years I have wrestled, punished and emotionally abused myself. I thought that I was bad and weird. It was like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders to read that someone else experienced the same behaviors. In fact, I was astounded that other people actually felt the same way. You were almost a mirror image of me; down to the thoughts, behaviors and reasons associated with the hair pulling.

”Your book helped me look at my behavior in a different light. I think the most significant thing was the empowerment it gave me. Thank you for providing a realistic view of trich.

“I am excited about the prospects of my future, and intend to keep your book by my bedside as a constant reminder, reference, and inspiration that I CAN DO IT!”

--Name Withheld By Request, United States


“I'm already finding success! It's the best treatment I've ever had -
and I've had lots!”

"You've provided a great book, which is easy to access even from Australia.

"I've ceased punishing myself and have not pulled for a full week now. You taught me not to bottle up my feelings for the sake of not upsetting others--a problem I've had my whole life. My general well-being and level of self-esteem has already improved as a result!"

--Janis, Australia


"For the first time in my life I felt more empowered than I would have ever imagined. It all made perfect sense to me."

"I would have never come to this realization if it took me the rest of my life. This one tool has indeed, changed my life."

--D.B., Indiana

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"I have to say that your material is without any doubt
the best thing I have encountered in the 7 years since I have known
that the condition had a name."

"Like yourself I have had it for the last 27 years and I can honestly say that this is the information that I would like to have written, because it's so close to the bone, I feel that it's come from me. It's clear and concise and most importantly, it's to the point. It does not wallow or preach and for the first time in a long time, it's given me hope and made me feel good about myself and that I can tackle this."

--Martin, Great Britain


“I am pull-free!”

“I hope to be ready to meet my folks with a new hairdo by January!

“I found that the greatest part of the book for me was your constant encouragement and explanations of the WHY? that had always haunted me.”

--Name Withheld by Request Great Britain


“It sure seemed like a never ending drama that I couldn't stop.”

"But since reading the e-book I have not been pulling my hair for over 2 months now. I am very pleased to have someone like you to reach out to because I don't know what else I would have done.

"I want to thank you again!"

--A Reader from Ohio


"Since I've been working on your healing methods,
I truly have been actually healing myself!"

"My hair is already growing longer and filling in. I get compliments from people telling me how they love my haircut when in reality I haven’t got it cut its just growing and actually looks like a typical hairdo now. I love it.

"You've been the miracle I've been looking for all these years. Thanks again Abby!"

--Wendi, Montana


“Overall, I'm much happier.”

I've been doing your lessons, and really feel it's helping. I'm not always completely pull-free every day, but when I do pull I use your suggestion and, amazingly, that's what allows me to stop after just 2-3 hairs instead of going back for more!

I'm actually allowing myself to feel anger, sadness, etc., whereas before I would suppress those feelings with pulling. Overall, I'm much happier.

--Kelly from Illinois


“Your book is brilliant!"

"My whole attitude changed immediately and I knew that I had the power to also heal myself."

“I have tried everything to stop pulling, from hypnotherapy to behavior therapy, to counseling, nothing worked, but your book made me open my eyes for the first time and see the sense of it all. I never thought I would wake up and find a miracle, but I have. The answers are in this book.

"I am no longer in pain and suffering. Your words made me believe in my power to heal myself. You are a Godsend!”

--Nisha, London, England


"I have only pulled out three or four hairs since June 30."

“I wanted to let you know what happened to me after I read your book. I believed it was possible to get freedom at last. Those pages became a catalyst for shaking off this bondage that has plagued me for 45 years.

"Thank you for having the courage to write your book and tell people that they can be healed. I believe it and I already feel like I have the victory. I mean business with this thing!!!

"Thank you again and God bless you."

J. N., Louisiana


“I am halfway through your book and am seeing
so many connections with my daughter!”

"I know it isn't meant for young kids but I can find many ways to use it. I am seeing so many things we need to change about how we relate. Thank you so much for being out there!"

--Jane, A Mom from Missouri

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“Thank you so much for sharing what you have discovered.
You are a blessing.”

“I find it interesting that your biggest motivator to rid yourself of trich was your daughter and for me, saving my daughter is proving to be not only my motivator to heal myself but has put tools in my hands I likely never would have found."

--A Mom from Florida


"As I read your book, I got so EXCITED because it all rings soooo true."

“Thanks again for providing in understandable terms what trichotillomania really is.”

--A Mom from Arkansas


“Everything I have read is absolutely spot on, and I am starting to see the pieces of my trich puzzle.”

"I knew there was something to be aware of behind the trich, I just didn't know what it was! I went to a psychiatrist, which helped, but only filled in part of the hole inside me. I left with the hole still wide open -- I was learning to deal with the habit and changing my behavior, but hadn't yet worked out the rest and didn't know how to!

“Thank you so much for writing this book -- it has the answers I have been looking for!”

--Joanne S. Australia


“Thank you so much for this book! It was such a Godsend. And thank you for keeping up with your readers!”

"Rather than the same old negative information I've always heard from the "experts", it was so nice to hear that I'm not crazy, or lazy, or whatever other garbage I've been fed by others or myself. It made so much sense to me, especially about being sensitive and self-critical. Like many other pullers, that fits me to a tee. In fact, so much of it did.

"Thanks again so very, very much!"

--A Reader from California


“For the first time in 30+ years, I have hope for recovery!”

"I just finished reading your book. Thank you!!!"

--A Reader from Massachusetts


“You made me realize that I can help myself!”

"Your book has really helped me!!! I was at the end of my rope."

--Elizabeth S., Ohio


“Your book goes against everything we have been led to believe...”

"I have always felt terrible that I can't bring myself to talk about my trich to anyone and therefore have not been able to ask for help. I now realize that I don't really have to ask for help, since help is within myself!"

--A Reader from Israel


“I am now pull-free for 3 weeks and counting, ever since I read your book and used your techniques!”

"I've been pulling for seven years. Your story was so heartfelt and honest that it was like a mirror image of myself and my thoughts. Your descriptions of trich were so real and truthful I knew you knew what I was going through. It really make me believe that I could end it!"

--R.M., Kansas


“Since reading your book my eyes have been opened!”

--A Reader from North Carolina


“The best gift anyone could have given me...HOPE!!!!”

"Thank you very much for your book. I purchased it 3 days before my 31st birthday and it was the best gift anyone could have given me. . .HOPE!!!"

--A Reader from South Africa


“Believe it or not -- I haven't pulled a single hair since I read your book 6 weeks ago!”

"I'm still shocked. Not only do I not pull anymore but I don't even have the urge anymore. It completely went away. All of my eyelashes are back!"

--J. Jones, Maryland

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"It really gave me hope!"

"I am not ashamed of my hair pulling anymore. I am accepting my feelings and allowing myself to feel them. I am forgiving myself. I have not stopped pulling yet. But I do see a decrease in it.

"Thank you so much for sharing this with me."

--J. Heath, Iowa


"I tried drugs, sheer willpower, counseling. But after reading the book I realized what I was doing wrong. Something in what you wrote really clicked! I can't believe it!"

"I read through the book several weeks ago and I am happy to report it has worked. I have been doing this since I was 13 and I am now 39, and it has been the number one thing I wanted to change.

"My main problem area has always been my eyelashes and eyebrows. And for the longest time I had to always make sure I was wearing eyeliner and filled in my eyebrows. Guess what? They are growing back and I am so excited. I look so much better already. When I look in the mirror now, it isn't to see what damage I have done, but to see how much my hair has really grown. It's amazing that it grows back even after all the times I pulled them out."

--L. Schultz, Washington


"I haven't finished reading your book yet, but I can now
see myself on the other side of the fence."

"A couple years ago my therapist sent me to a doctor who told me there was no hope for me.. that I would always be a hair puller...and all I could do is reduce my urges by heavily medicating myself.

"As I began to read your book I envisioned a reality that I will walk away from this problem. Not only is it possible, others have done it. Hearing your perspective really allowed me to wrap my arms around that hope.

"Thank you for putting your words on paper for people like me."

--B. B., Washington


"In short, I have been following your advice
and have found it extremely beneficial."

--S. K., Michigan


"It really opened up my eyes and let me see
that there are ways to stop my trich."

"I printed out your book and read it in one night. I have never finished a book before in my life, but this one kept my attention because I knew exactly what you were talking about.

"I am finally getting over my trich and am on my way to getting my life back. I sincerely thank you."

--Brooke, Montana


"I feel as if it was written just for me."

"I hadn't been online to seek help for over a year now since the websites I used to frequent, although sympathetic, did not offer much help for overcoming this behavior.

"I bought your book and read it early this morning. I first want to thank you for taking the time to write this book. I just want to let you know that I am going to start today with your lessons. Already you have touched on many of the same ideas that I have begun to feel lately to be behind my hair pulling. I am ready to change my life today. I just don't want to stop pulling out my hair, I want to make my life different. I want to listen to my inner self and live the life I was born to live."

--Name Withheld by Request, California


"I am halfway through your book and already have a new outlook."

"I want to thank you for sharing you life with others."

--N. F., Pennsylvania

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"The book was amazing. 
It totally changed the way I thought of myself and my difficulties."

"It made me understand who I am and where I need to put my attention."

--Name Withheld by Request


"It has been 20 days since I ordered your book and my pulling has decreased from probably about 200+ hairs a day to 4 or 5!"

I am continuing to discover all of the pieces of my pulling puzzle.

"The honesty and the clarity is such a relief and I truly believe that I will
escape to a "higher order". 

"Thanks again, you've done something remarkable."
--Rebecca Bardsley


"Abby, this was the turning point in all my years of pulling!"

"I thought I knew the reason behind it, but after reading your book, I discovered a whole new, truer, reason. I am now able to fight. I will have my hair back and be able to handle situations in a better way. Thank you so much."

--Debbie, Texas


"By the little that I have read my pulling has declined."

"I've gotten greater insight into my problem and have learned that the drugs and talking are not really the answer."

--Name Withheld by Request, California


"These lessons are working like a miracle!"

"My family has noticed my success, and it's all thanks to you!

"I just got my hair cut and streaked, and I used to be
embarrassed of everyone looking at my hair. Now, I just let them look at it as much as they want!

--K.L., 12 years old


"The pulling decreased almost immediately."

"I felt free and so calm. I was able to start working on a home business which I thought about for years, but could never act on. I think the exercises freed me in more ways than just the pulling.

"Thank you for specifically addressing needs for the parents of hair pullers."

--Name Withheld by Request, Kansas


"You have truly written something magical
and I hope not to let myself down."

"I swear, what you wrote is exactly "it".

"It's amazing. I am not pulling as often as I was. In the past, I have tried not to play the victim, but found myself constantly telling someone about my awful past. Since reading your book, I have quit doing that. I realize that keeping that stuff "up front" was not serving any purpose. I want to thank you for being there. Not just in your email, but in your book."

--Name Withheld by Request, California


“Yours in huge gratitude...”

"I think you are brilliant in your perspective on why we do it and it makes so much sense to me."

--R.C., United Kingdom


“I finally feel like I have someone out there who has gone through what I am going through and who is willing to support me no matter what!”

--Name withheld, Massachusetts

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“You are building an underground railroad in the aiding
and understanding of this disorder!”

--Name withheld, Texas


“I thank you so much!”

"I bought your book to help one of my daughters.  I feel your information is fascinating and wonderful and am so excited and encouraged that my daughter is pursuing your approach--which has already helped her in the first few days!"

--A Mom from New Jersey

“From a man's perspective, the book is wonderful!”

"The beauty of the book is that it isn't gendered at all--clearly you are a female author and so write from that perspective to some extent. . .but to me the book really resonates because, "Only the wounded physician heals". . .so I hear the healer within you rather than any particular male or female perspective. 

"I do totally agree with your delineation between OCD and hair pulling -- and think that the delineation is crucial."

--A Reader from Australia

“Wowie Zowie!  I'm really blown away by your insights!”

"I want to rid myself of this behavior and am so grateful to you for sharing your struggles and your wisdom.

"Your concepts can apply to much more than hairpulling."

"You've written a very powerful and helpful book.  Thank you!"

--George, Nevada

“Your book is absolutely fantastic!”

"No treatments out there come anywhere close to the way that you approach trich!"

--Ryan, North Carolina

“After 40 years I finally feel that there is hope!"

“I thought that hairpulling was just a habit that I had to live with for the rest of my life until I read "What’s Wrong With Pulling My Hair Out". 

“Your program is top-notch, Abby, and a totally different approach to stopping this addiction. I commend you for your genuine concern for others who pull as well as the countless hours of research you've done to get to the real issues behind it all.

“Thank you.”

--Ed, Boulder, Colorado

“Remember, the hair puller WAS my wife..."

"And I said WAS, because that hair pulling problem was left behind. 

"She now has more confidence and she looks as beautiful as years before (even better) and she feels like a new person."

 "Your information gave her the tools and techniques to fight this problem. Believe me, you are really doing something special!"

--A Husband from Panama

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“Ever since she read your book things have really changed.”

"My wife and I have argued off and on about her hair pulling problem for about the past year. I really always thought that it could be controlled. After reading several articles about trich I finally started to understand how big of a problem she really had.

"I bought your book and made her read it. She really had herself convinced that there weren't any cures for trich aside from anti-depressants. She says that she has struggled with this problem since she was a little girl.

"Ever since she read your book things have really changed. She has now become very conscious of when she is pulling. It really is working for us. Most importantly it made me understand her problem.

"I just wanted to thank you for the time/ effort/ research you put into trich."

"Thanks So Much,"

--A Husband from Utah


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What Professionals Say:

Per new FTC Guidelines: All of our professional endorsements come from professionals who specifically qualified to review books and program materials of this nature:

"Abby Rohrer brings the light shed by her personal experience, loving understanding, and thorough study to the problem of hairpulling--something that for "the professionals" remains shrouded in darkness."

--Elaine Aron, Ph.D.,
author of "The Highly Sensitive Person" and "The Highly Sensitive Child"


"Abby Rohrer's insights provide real skills and tools for hair pullers of all heal and move forward to live wonderful lives full of meaning and joy!"

--Mary F. Zesiewicz, M.D.
Board Certified Psychiatrist, Adult, Adolescent, Child Psychiatry


"...Abby Rohrer has opened her heart to thousands of families who deal with trichotillomania. Ms. Rohrer uses her own innate intelligence and right-on instincts to lead others to healing their own families, something medical science has not been able to do."

"It's proof positive of what can happen when a passionate, caring woman decides to heal the world, tapping her own experience and trusting her inner voice. To overcome this debilitating condition is a true inspiration for us all. To help others do the same is exceptional heroism."

--Parent Coach Tina Feigal, M.S., Ed.
Author, The Pocket Parent Coach: Your Two-week Guide to a Dramatically Improved Life With Your Intense Child


"Abby Rohrer has a workable solution that any parent, adult hair puller or counselor can use. From the voice of a survivor, Abby's advice hits home when others may be missing the boat."

--Mary Jo Fay, RN, MSN


"As a psychotherapist for over 20 years I know how hard it is to get real help with hair pulling. Pull-Free, At Last! is superb! I can easily recommend it."

--Lynne Whiteley Novy, MFT
author of Daring to Know What You Want and Other Simple Truths  


"Abby Rohrer represents a new kind of healer, one who has walked in the shoes of the sufferer and knows both the pitfalls and what helps, first hand. This is a 'must read' for anyone who is in recovery...[her method] offers a positive and helpful alternative."

-- Philip Kavanaugh, M.D.
author of Magnificent Addiction

"Abby Rohrer presents a passionate yet reasoned attempt to lead those plagued by addictive behavior to the only place where real recovery is possible: inside themselves."

-- Jeffrey Schwartz, M.D.
author of BrainLock

“Abby Rohrer presents empowering and inspiring methods for spiritually healing compulsion.  Abby Rohrer has written a wonderfully practical guide that sheds light on how to co-create with God through the recovery process.” 

-- Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

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What students have to say

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"I released my hair pulling during the June, 2008 Live Weekend in Colorado!"

"I am a completely different person in so many ways now. I stand up straight. I can look people in the eyes for the first time since I can remember. I feel like my shoulders are lighter. I even can look my dad in the eye now. I’m so excited about my new life!" A. Z., NY

"Your program is AMAZING and is spot on!"

"I’m a therapist who purchased your pull free program to work through with a teenager (now 18).  She is really discovering who she is, and is learning to identify and express her own thoughts, feelings and opinions.  It’s really marvelous to watch her ‘come in to her own.’" 

" Thank you so much for creating your program.  I can’t even begin to imagine how many people you have already helped!!"

N.D., Washington

“I just wanted to let you know what an amazing and transformational experience this weekend was for me! THANK YOU!"

"I am so grateful I got the chance to be here and to meet you and everyone else. You truly are incredible! Thank you for being who you are and for all that you do! “ Love, K.N, Mesa, AZ

"I want to thank you for writing this book--I know it has and will continue to play a vital role in my daughter's as well as our whole family's well being."

"I received great comfort from your parent guide and I have been able to pass on some of that comfort to my daughter.  It was like reading a mirrored image detail of my family.  I know we have a long haul with this but I do feel that we have made great progress.

Thank You Again."  


“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

"Since the live weekend I have felt a sense of power and freedom that I don't remember having felt since I was a kid. I feel more relaxed, and might even be released from my addiction. If not fully free, I know that I am very close.”

B.B., Kentucky

"I have not pulled one single hair since receiving this program!"

"This program has been a godsend. I have struggled for over 33 years. I have not pulled one single hair since receiving this program on my computer. I still am finishing lesson 10. My hair is growing in very well. I have realized/recognized many things in progressing through the lessons, things I never would have believed.

I truly believe I am cured.

I never thought I would say that. I have never had a lot of belief in or faith in psychological answers to things - I am not a "search and analyze things" person. But these lessons have been a tremendous eye opener and I never would have thought I would admit something like that.

So yes, I am doing well. I am so glad I looked up the word "trichotillomania" and landed at your website. It has been a true blessing, a blessing I have prayed for for years."

Thank you.


"The book contains a very insightful look into the emotional make-up of a hairpuller - it was dead on!"

"What was even more surprising to me was that the characteristics of a hairpuller also described me. And although I never pulled, I realized that I had other coping strategies."

Sharon R., New Mexico

"I am now much more aware that I have leftover baggage from my childhood that I am bringing out in her. I have suspected this but you have confirmed my suspicions."

John from Australia

"Everything makes so much sense!"

"I have pulled since I was about 11 years old and realizing so much about myself and my family from your parent guide! I also have a daughter and she doesn't pull but I notice a behavior of cleaning that she uses to deal with her feelings. I hope after healing myself with this book it will help her with her compulsion as well. It is amazing how we pass these things down! Thanks for all your hard work. It is really helping me and lots of people. We need it.

Shannon from Ohio

"I feel you've expressed and synthesized many
ideas and thoughts I've had about trich about leading a full life and what's important..."

"and how a change of mind and attitude is so critical to healing. The big difference is that it's actually worked for you so I'm really inspired to find that solution which you say already exists in me for myself."

A. T., Houston, TX